Northwest's Largest Selection of Terra Cotta and Concrete
Our piñatas are sure to be a hit at any party!
Colors may vary from what is pictured here. You're sure to
find the perfect one for your celebration!
Piñatas are used at birthday parties but they are excellent
for all festive occasions.
Add some balloons and use as a centerpiece, hang them as decorations
or enjoy them as a colorful accent in a room.
Traditionally, Piñatas are filled with candy, nuts, fruit
and confetti. Today, the bounty of these Piñatas are
unlimited. Coins, small toys, hair bobbles, bouncing
super balls, bracelets, shiny confetti, golf tees,
lottery tickets, clues to a treasure hunt - just to name
a few.
You will find endless things to use as treats!
What do you put into a Piñata?
"Gotta Lotta Terra Cotta and Concrete too!"
And Piñatas...
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Portland's FINEST piñatas
1510 E. Burnside St, Portland
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Handcrafted in Mexico especially for Mister Piñata
for over 30 years.
Our Piñatas are hand-made, traditional size and very beautiful!They are
not flat like you find at the local party or grocery store
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"Piñata Party" before?
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